About Us

Body Gossip is an award-winning UK positive body image charity - registered charity number 1157875.

We showcase your thoughts about your body, either in short films, live theatre events or in The Body Gossip Book.

We teach body confidence in secondary schools using our unique combination of creative writing and live theatre, to inspire body acceptance and confidence in young people all over the UK.

Now we're gossiping on T-shirts too.

Every sale helps us to reach more young people in schools across the country - check out our work at www.bodygossip.org.

100% of the proceeds of each Tshirt sale go directly to offering our Body Gossip Performance Project schools workshop free of charge to lower income schools.

Please show your support of Body Gossip by buying one (or maybe more!) of our T-shirts. You will be helping us to help more young people to love their bodies.

Thank you!

Team BG